Elon’s 6 Habits can turn anybody into a superhuman.

0- Six hours Quality sleep.

When we talk about quality sleep, it means, Spend 20 minutes with yourself at least by doing below things :

a- Your gadgets and internet are closed before 30 minutes of sleeping and trying to intake light food should be 2 hours before going to bed.
b- Do some massage on your head & feet soles by knowing your acupressure points.
c- Lights off. …

Human Psyche used to tell us when we hear someone has cancer. We feel sad for them and subconsciously think in the mind that this has happened to them, we will not have such a thing in the future. How well do we console ourselves instead of thinking about how we can prevent -it and we all forgot the next day?it’s time to be more realistic
My friends, there may be some of you who do not think so, but the majority are of those people who think so. …

An unknown battle for your attention & time

New research shows that every day there are about 6200 thoughts generates in a human mind. It was done by psychologists at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. We humans mostly have connecting thoughts in the brain, and this is how we name this process as Mind-map or connecting Threads. The brain works like this in every field, whether it is constructive or destructive.
Our topic is today w.r.t the internet which is also a great discovery of human being, But nowadays the way the user is being traced on the internet, we do not…

Deep Learning

“A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human”

What a beautiful quote was written by Alan Turing, I also wonder can machine think like humans??
Well, Elon Musk also said,
Seeing the speed at which the AI is moving forward, it seems that it will not take much time for the machine to get consciousness.
To compete with machines we have to think much faster than machines

Before you get nervous, remember:
A group of students was asked to stand in front of fellow
students and alleged interviewees, and one by one to
answer why he is fit to take a predetermined job.
It was arranged for interviewees to make disparaging
comments and comments to each student. The aim
was to measure the stress levels (cortisol) of each
interviewer before-during- and after the interview.
What is remarkable is that while all students were
significantly stressed, those who showed that they
had a clear "purposeful" and high levels of expediency
in general, demonstrated the ability to regain their
psychological stability and drop cortisol levels much
faster than others!
This is an indication…


Lifetime Learner

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