Being Productive Like Musk

3 min readJan 14, 2021


Elon’s 6 Habits can turn anybody into a superhuman.

0- Six hours Quality sleep.

When we talk about quality sleep, it means, Spend 20 minutes with yourself at least by doing below things :

a- Your gadgets and internet are closed before 30 minutes of sleeping and trying to intake light food should be 2 hours before going to bed.
b- Do some massage on your head & feet soles by knowing your acupressure points.
c- Lights off.
d- Research says sleeping on your left side is good for your organs, one of the major benefits is that releasing interstitial waste from the brain, this brain cleanse helps you from reducing neurological diseases and keeps your brain fit so you can feel fresher in the morning.

1- Eat that frog

Well, the author of this book says that, if you have to eat a frog you should eat it at the start of your day. Similarly, Start your complicated work first which you think will take more time.

2- Batching technique

Action on those tasks simultaneously where there is no need for focus.
For example, you can listen to audio summaries while traveling, you can take your meetings while having your tea, etc.
Don’t confuse this with multitasking. As multitasking is called when both tasks need equal amounts of focus.

Research shows that sometimes 23 minutes15 seconds takes us back to work if we miss focus from work so be aware of disturbing calls, messages & emails.
All things gathered together so we don’t have to waste time.

3- Time blocking technique — Kaizen Rule & Parkinson’s Law

If you think you are unable to do bigger things or not consistent with time then it’s time to do some changes.
By default, you will feel fear if you want to change something about yourself, as human brain doesn’t like changes result is that we never take action.

Kaizen states that to divide that bigger task into small chunks so instead of focusing on bigger images, start practising work on chunks that will also reduce stress levels.
Well if you are thinking it is a very slow process then let me tell you by using this philosophy japan has emerged into the world so fast after a nuclear attack.

Kaizen makes you ready for taking action which is a bigger part of success.

Parkinson’s states: Planning + Discipline + Time Limit

Personally, I have applied it to overcome the fear of mathematics and it worked.

4- Productive Rest

You can find this according to your habits or what you love to do, Apart from work it is also the most important part of your life.

Exercise || Sports || Swimming

Leisure Time|| Family Time

Music || Books || Guitar

5- Bonus Point

Learn New Things.
I am gonna share a story for Elon Musk when he started his SpaceX company. He asked his employee questions regarding their intense work how it is working and all procedures, his staff thought Elon was taking their test. But after some time they would come to know Elon was learning from them.
Learning from everyone is a great habit you can develop or you can learn anywhere that suits you most.

Last but not least….

Before starting anything remember this Pizza Tip that Brain has the consistency of cold porridge & when doing something become is important as breathing you will always hit the goal.

Thanks for reading & Happy Learning!!