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4 min readJan 15, 2021

An unknown battle for your attention & time

New research shows that every day there are about 6200 thoughts generates in a human mind. It was done by psychologists at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. We humans mostly have connecting thoughts in the brain, and this is how we name this process as Mind-map or connecting Threads. The brain works like this in every field, whether it is constructive or destructive.
Our topic is today w.r.t the internet which is also a great discovery of human being, But nowadays the way the user is being traced on the internet, we do not know when we have passed several hours on our favorite so-called social media platforms.
How does this happen without us knowing so much time goes out, ever thought, Let me explain there is a team of thousands of people working on this model of capturing your time & attention through your desired content by ads or videos, they are succeeding by using the below tactics:

1- Tracking of the user search request on social media platforms.
2- Algorithms that are developing on a deep neural network to grab the attention of the user.
3- Algorithm for tracking the user's multiple behaviours through Natural language processing.

A real-time example of all this is that whenever we start YouTube, we start seeing content automatically according to our mood. Even after doing the work that we started YouTube for, we keep running YouTube because of content engagement which produces dopamine in our mind that gives us pleasurable sensations.

Harvard Study Says,
If you forget or misplaced your mobile for a while, you may have experienced a mild state of panic until it’s been found. About Seventy-three percent of people see a lot of anxiety during this time, Research has also shown that an average adult touches his phone screen 2600 times throughout the day, whether it is typing or tapping. Most people are involved at that level that sometimes they feel the phone vibrations in their pockets when in reality no vibrations are received.

Brief Of Brain Functioning

Problem Solving Approach
I have divided these problems into two steps of Outer & Inner Control

Outer Control Action

1- Try to take control of your minutes:
Next time when you tap on the icon of any app in your phone, ask yourself is it worth to give it your’s 10 or 5 minutes if yes then ask again is it going to align with your purpose, Believe me, or not but your time & attention both are precious as you, Invest it wisely. Some practical tactics you can implement :
a) Turn off unnecessary notifications.
b) Set boundaries with alarm of usages.
c) Fresh Morning & Peaceful Night(Before and after the sleep of 30 min)
d)Turn off Mobile Data & Download helpful tools so you don’t have to connect to the internet every single time.
e)Digital Lockdown once a week.

2- Selection of platforms:
A platform that does not track your history, A solid e.g in the mind of duckduckgo instead of using google it doesn’t track your activity or target your IP as a search engine. Here some tactics are given below for using other browsers :
a)Delete the Cookies.
b)Restrict Browser From Sending Location Details.
c)Search Anonymously.
d)Avoid Google Tracking.
e)Stop Social Sites From Tracking You.
f)Avoid Tracking.
g)Stop Every Tracking Activity by AdBlocker Plugins.

Inner Control Actions

0- Intake of natural dopamine instead of gadget based: Research shows the natural way of emitting dopamine is always good there are some excellent ways of getting dopamine w.r.t mental & physical health.
a)Feel the fresh air through your senses and let it reach your will boost your oxygen level in neurons.
b)Exercise||Outdoor Activities
c)Eat food with a filter and feel the taste of the food through senses even for small breakfast and lunch. Eating preferences can be according to your body type for e.g protein, less saturated fat, probiotics, fiber-rich, antioxidants.

1- Meditate: This is a very practical approach, if you are going to do this, all points will automatically improve as meditation makes you aware from inside. you can relate to my words if you are practising meditation on daily basis.

Last but not least…

नात्यश्नतस्तु योगोऽस्ति न चैकान्तमनश्नतः।
न चातिस्वप्नशीलस्य जाग्रतो नैव चार्जुन

Those who eat too much or too little, who sleep too much or too little will not succeed in meditation.But those who are temperate in
a)Eating & Sleeping
b)Work & Recreation
will come to end of sorrow through Meditation.

Happy Learning !!